Having invested a hefty number of hours into Story of Seasons myself, I can safely say that I trust XSeed with everything from now on not that I was uncertain on their quality earlier, but sometimes you get a little protective with the things you love. Needless to say when it was revealed last week that the next game in the Story of Seasons series was preparing for release, I jumped onboard with no time to spare. Since customization options have steadily been growing since Animal Parade, I sincerely hope that each town will allow for different types of clothing and various decorative schematics. Fans of the genre have been making parallels between this game and The Tale of Two Towns, in which the player had two towns to play in. Though, if Marvelous manages to rework the entire system to address these complaints not being able to change your farm location from town to town until the end of the year, not having the time to do things in the various towns, etc. Each character ends up actually being a character with different quirks and flaws that the player comes to know. However, like a lot of Japanese games or just games in general, really , there are not a lot of Black characters.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Add your rating What’s it about? There comes a time in every person’s life when they have to strike out on their own and chase their dreams. The game begins with the player’s father letting the family know that they’ll be moving due to a new job. Instead, the player decides the time is right to strike out on his or her own and chase their dream of owning a farm. After moving to West Town and learning the basics of farm life from Uncle Frank, players are given a plot of land of their very own to cultivate.

Dec 11,  · With approximately 2 million characters of Japanese text to be localized, Trio of Towns is the largest Story of Seasons to date, surpassing the previous title in the series.

I’m dating Mistel and it’s currently his birthday. The fogu guide says to walk into your farmhouse between 5 and 11, but nothing happens. And nothing happens when I walk into his house either. Mistel is currently at a yellow flower. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Same thing happened with me and Mistel.

It’s not just for marriage, it happens with dating too.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

This one imo is way better than the last Story of Seasons game. I played the Japanese version and had a blast with it. This is what I said when someone asked me what I liked better about it: The characters are way more fleshed out in this one. Lots more daily dialogue, an insane amount of town events, your character has an actual family this time around, etc The farming is good but it’s always the characters that keep me coming back, and this title excels compared to the last SoS imo.

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The developer, Marvelous AQL, has been making the games for several years, but the publishing rights have primarily rested with Natsume, which incidentally owns the IP. In recent times, Natsume has decided to continue producing its own games under the Harvest Moon name, though the content of these games hasn’t been entirely pleasing to everyone. It sounds a lot like the last game, which certainly isn’t a bad thing , with the big change this time around being that you’ll have three towns to interact with, complete with unique people, crops, animals, and more for each.

Settled on a homestead in the middle of three distinct and uniquely themed locales, players can explore a diverse landscape as they search for new ways to grow their farms and friendships. Extensive customization and gameplay options are on offer in Trio of Towns, with each village offering its own variety of regional crops, lads and ladies to romance, animals, festivals, furniture, decorations and more.

More ways to play sprout up as players connect to one another locally or via the internet to chat, trade, and enhance items on a mysterious multiplayer island. It all sounds like it’s shaping up nicely, and Story of Seasons: What do you think? Did you like Story of Seasons?

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The first 15 hours of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns may be the slowest first 15 hours of any game I’ve ever played. Some games I’ve played are over in half that time, but here it’s just.

Inner Monologue happens in a few game, as with her male counterpart. Pony has a “pony-tail” and is a farmer who later owns a “Pony”. Harvest Sprites A group of tiny fairy-like guys who wear poofy, colorful clothing. In several of the games, they will help you with your farmwork if you befriend them. Big, Thin, Short Trio: In Harvest Moon DS , some of the sprites have names based on the job they do. The sprites speak this in Harvest Moon 64 before you befriend them.

Many of the groups of Harvest Sprites have names that fill some sort of theme. You Can See Me? In most incarnations, only the main character can see the sprites. A “childlike heart” or something similar is what allows you to see them.

Story of Seasons FAQ and Tips Guide

We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one. I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks to get a good start in the game to spare other people from learning the hard way like I did. At the beginning of the game during your incredibly long tutorial, Fritz will teach you all about swimming and diving in the local rivers. Same thing with materials like iron and other metals. Save them up to make your own fertilizer when you build a seed maker.

In March , Story of Seasons was the top selling game in Japan, at , units sold. IGN awarded it a score of out of 10, saying ” Story of Seasons successfully integrates both supply-and-demand economics and personality into the farm-life sim”. [9].

Overview As with previous Harvest Moon games, there are eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in town, and if you befriend them, you can eventually marry them. If you chose to play a girl character, you can marry a guy, and if you chose to play a boy character, you can marry a girl. Same-sex marriages are not possible in this game, but you can give your boy character a girl’s hairstyle and girl’s clothing, or give your girl character a boy’s hairstyle and boy’s clothing.

Nobody in town will think it is strange. Even if you wear clothing and a hairstyle of the opposite gender, you and your spouse will still have children after you get married. To get married, to one of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes, you first need to build friendship with that person. See the friendship page for more information about increasing friendship. Once your relationship is strong enough, you can confess your love by giving the person a Ring.

The Ring pattern comes with the Sewing Studio. If your ring is accepted, you and the person will start dating. After building your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend even more, and after you upgrade your house and get a double bed, you can propose marriage by giving your boyfriend or girlfriend a blue feather. It is also possible that the character you are dating will propose to you instead reverse proposal.

New 3DS Game: Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (2/28/)

This game is different in that there are multiple villages Westown, Lulukoko, and Tsuyukusa each complete with its own villagers, reputation system, shops, holidays, etc. Nobody will judge you for playing these games casual and comfy, but for people who want to go balls-to-the-wall in efficiency, there’s great resources out there to help you get started and prepare for what’s to come; This guide is simply meant to condense the information provided by various websites and tips.

It can be found here: If you want a more detailed explanation, see the Link Ranks section. Just fucking do it. This list does not include the village-specific flowers.

The Ushi No Tane websites specialize in information, FAQs, and guides about the Nintendo console versions of the Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Legend of the River King video games.

Will update as questions are posted. It looks like Harvest Moon! Since Marvelous decided to acquire Xseed and use them to localize BokuMono games, Natsume threw a hissy fit and made their own, unrelated Harvest Moon game. Meanwhile, Xseed had to come up with a new name and Story of Seasons is what we got. Original is as it says – the difficulty the game originally shipped with.

However, Japanese players thought original was rather hard, and a patch came out that added Seedling mode. In Seedling mode, stamina consumption is lowered by half, stores sell things for cheaper, more items are restocked every day, and shipping requirements to unlock the various countries are reduced. Friendship point requirements for marriage and other events are unchanged between the two difficulties.

If you don’t mind being purposefully gimped at the start, or want to brag about playing a life sim on the hardest difficulty, go for original difficulty. If you just want to get through the game with a little less grinding then shoot for seedling. It all boils down to your preference and how much time you want to invest. It has its problems. Some common complaints as told by anons in the thread:

Story of Seasons

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